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Intellium is a conglomerate of experts and experienced professionals from ISP, Telecom, IT, IT Services, Automation and System Integration Domains. The Core team has industry experience of over 15 Years. Based on professional approach with focus on complete customer’s satisfaction, Intellium believes in establishing lifetime relationship with customers.

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Solutions And Focus Areas

Intellium Infoserv Pvt. Ltd.

IT & Networking Infrastructure

Networking Infrastructure and Security , Video , Voice , Dat and Specialized (Systems). Network computing continues to evolve the methods of working IT ...

IT Hardware, Software & Printing Solutions

Ask experts at Intellium for any IT hardware or Software & Printing solution. ... We are Distributor of HP A3 Segment of Printing products and services.

Power Backup Solutions

Intellium will evaluate your power backup status and recommend a solution that is right for you. Intellium carries the APC line of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for your system protection and business continuity.

Office Automation

A display system comprises a projector combined with a retro reflective screen and a viewer distance from the projector such that the observation angle is less ...

Security & Surveillance

We present several solutions to security surveillance and their applications while utilizing parallel processing of video streams for improved performance.
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Intellium - Welcome to IT Solutions

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